Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lanes first update

Dear Prayer Partners,

I am happy to introduce our very first update! I first wanted to check and make sure all the email addresses I have so far are correct. Also wanted to send a .jpg version of our brand new prayer card... yours for the printing! Please see attachment. Please feel free to print these cards and share them as you'd like. The more people praying for us, the better! Here is a quick schedule of our current whereabouts, so I hope this helps you put all the puzzle pieces together:

-Mid-September we were officially appointed with IMB. Praise God!
-Since then, we have traveled and visited more family and friends. We are currently in Tennessee with my in-laws.
-Mid-October through Mid-December we have our stateside training in Virginia. Please pray that this is a time of spiritual growth and focus as we prepare to move overseas!
-Mid-December to early January we will make our last rounds, celebrating Christmas and saying goodbye to family.
-Our tentative leave date for Africa is January 4, 2012. Please pray for us as we solidify logistics. We're trusting God for the thousands of details to work together as we leave, for His glory!

A couple more prayer requests:
-Please be in prayer for Robert as he finishes up another semester of his master's. It will be especially challenging to balance his time once we begin training in Virginia.
-Please bathe our marriage in prayer. Pray that we would make time together a priority and that we would love each other well during this challenging transition.
-Always remember to pray for the unreached people we will be living among in just a few short months. Pray that they would be given a thirst to know the ONE true God and that we would be faithful to declare of His Word to them.

Thank you for loving us and supporting us during this time. We appreciate your prayers!

Robert & Maridith Lane


  1. Tell Jay I can send him a pic of Faith for the supporter's page. Maybe we could take a pic of you and Bobby standing in front of the church (or maybe not) you decide. Anyway, maybe a pic of the family in front of the church OR MAYBE just a pic of the church and send it to Jay so he could plug it in by Faith's name! Love my Maridith!

  2. Janet, just send me a pic of some of the people that are the church. that would be perfect. thanks