Monday, December 19, 2011

[This is the Taliaferros first update, the future updates will include more info, this is just a test]

After almost 10 months here in the states the time has come for us to return to the field. Well actually as most of you already know, this is a new field for us. We will be moving to Kaabong, Uganda on January 4, 2012. 
We will be in Uganda for approximately 18 months. This will be a place where we can get to know some of the other missionaries and ministries working in the area. We will be learning from many who have been on the field for a long time in the area. This will help us make a more effecient transition when we begin our church planting efforts. 
We also plan on working with the Karamajong people in Uganda, while we are there. This is not a typical engagment for us as they are somewhat evangelized and have people working with them. However, they are loosly related to many of the groups we will be working with in the future and will provide us with essential cultural insights that will certianlly help us in the future.
We will also be using NE Uganda as a staging area for our research into South Sudan. This is our final destination (for now at least) and once there we will begin working with several Unreached Unengaged People Groups (UUPG’s).
This is our first update regarding this new adventure, there will be more to come, but in the meantime you can follow us in the following places:  (team website) (taliaferros blog) (Lanes blog) (Echelon blog)

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