Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mighty Warriors: Adaptability & Longevity

When Javier came to us, he was like 18 years old. He was young and inexperienced, but the hand of the Lord was clearly on his life. We were priveledged to watch the Lord teach him and turn him into a mighty man of God. He has now been with the xtreme team for the longest of any current member. Even though his support is always a question, he continues on and trusts God to provide for him. Javier has been given the gift of adaptability. He can learn to fit in almost any culture. (or as we jokingly say, he can be robbed in any language. he holds the record of being robbed 9 times in one year) Lord please send us more young men like Javier who are adaptable and willing to conform to any culture to reach more for you. Also, bring us missionaries who are in it for the long haul, who consider being a witness and making disciples their lifes work.
update: Javier continues to work with the team, he has moved from working in Bolivia to working in his home country of Peru. He will soon start working with yet another tribe and another language.


  1. Didn't think I could be prouder of Javier, but this just reminds me yet again of why I am so proud of him.

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    1. If they named a whole missions department after Javier it wouldn't be enough for me.
      In his short years of life he has made more sacrifice than most in a life time.
      Being obedient through hardship and suffering. Making Gods desire his, desiring all nations to know and worship our God. He won't quit. As long as the Holy Spirit gives him breath he will continue to march on into darkness to claim victory for the glory of our Lord!