Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mighty Warriors: Perserverence

E came to us to finish the practical part of his seminary education. He was a bit surprised when we didn’t have any textbooks or classrooms. But after his required 3 month stint with the team, he returned and stayed with us for 4+ years. He would be the first one who woud tell you he was not cut out for this type of difficult work. But yet, he continued out of obeience to his Lord and excelled in many things but most of all he was an example of perserverence in the faith. There are many things he wanted in life, but he has sacrificed them to the Lord, knowing that the Lord himself will give him what he needs. and God will sustain him in good times and bad. God, send us more like E!
update: E continues to serve the Lord in Peru. Due to the nature of his work we can not use his full name or tell you much about what he is doing. Just take our word for it, he is doing well.


  1. He is short of statue but a man of great height in his faith. A true man in every sense of the word. A man dear to our family.

  2. Who's the little guy in the brown cloak with the long hair & beard sitting down in the bottom of the boat behind E? Looks like he's praying or studying I think.