Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mighty Warriors: Vision Caster

If you want the background to this post and what is the mighty warrior series, you can refer to the original post here: original post

Okay, truth be told, Jose barely made it through xtreme training. He opposed us on many different teachings. But as we rolled out the Biblical basis for everything we were teaching he was slowly won over. Then he took the things he learned and began to put them into practice and then teach others. After years of ministry he started his own team and began casting the vision that God had given him to churches who might support him in the task. He was very good at expressing to other nationals the great need of getting the gospel to these people. Lord, send us more who have vision and know how to express your vision to your people. Send us men who can inspire us to work harder for you in the very places and in the ways you desire us to.

update: Jose is still living in Peru and is married and they are expecting their first child. They plan on returning to work with the Asheninka people soon in the future.

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