Sunday, April 1, 2012

Kaabong Volunteer Fire Dept.

Well we have all been initiated into the Southern division of the Kaabong Volunteer Fire department. There is really no such thing of course but after today we know what we could do if this whole missionary thing doesnt pan out. Bobby had taken some trash out to the burn pile and was burning it. He watched it for a while and the was satisfied everything was okay and he went on to other tasks. As he peeked out later he saw the the wind had caught the smal fire and it was now a grass fire. I was in the house and i heard bobby say something to Maridith about fire. I went out to see and saw Bobby and maridith running franticlly getting water and beating on the flames. Susan brought out an antique blanket that came with the house (left by previous missionaries). I dunked that blanket in a bucket of water and began throwing it onto the edges of the fire. I continued this as Bobby beat the other side of the fire and threw water on it. It took us less than 5 minutes to get the fire out. Several members of the fire department had smokers cough and enjoyed the new sound of their wheezy laugh (Bobby) but it was shortlived and everyone is now back to normal. Everyday is an adventure here. (just in case you were worried, the above fire was not ours. Ours was MUCH smaller)

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