Friday, April 20, 2012

Mighty Warriors: Friendliness

Teresa excelled in many areas, but one thing she did very well helped me to think differently about my ministry. She was a master at making friends, especially national friends. She came to be with the team for 2 years, but after her supervisor left she stayed on for another year to lead the womens team. My biggest concern was that the girls that had come with Teresa would be returning, her closest friends for the last 2 years would be leaving her there to continue. Loneliness can become a major issue for single missionaries, so i was concerned. Well, Teresa surprised us after her teammates left. She knew she needed friends so she got a dog...and then made a close relationship with her Vet. Everything she did seemed to bring her friends in the neighborhood. She knew the people who sold odds and ends, she knew just about everyone. She didn’t struggle with lonliness to the same degree because of her friendliness. Watching her make friends really challenged my to be more friendly in my day to day life. Lord, send us others like Teresa who make friends easily and can show the Love of Christ in the simplest day to day tasks.

Update: Teresa is now married living in Tennessee. She has a little girl and a boy on the way. She is still involved in our ministry! She is the travel agent who helps all of our Volunteer groups make it to us without incedent and get the best prices. 

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  1. Wish I'd had the chance to meet Teresa... maybe one day!! :)