Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mighty Warriors: Brokenness

One of the most important qualities of a servant of the Lord in my opinion is brokenness. It is imperative that one have an encounter with the Lord in which you are overwhelmed with such Holiness and greatness that you find your true place in this universe. You see yourself as a servant of the Almighty, with little to offer but a desire to give all. This has bee a quality of all of our most successful missionaries, but it is one of the things I remember most about Graham. He had an experience during his training that shaped the rest of his time with us and probably his life. He was open to the Lords prompting an leaned to listen to the Lord, no matter how hard it was to hear what the Lord had to say. Brokenness is the first step to refining. Lord please send us more men like Graham, men who are broken and humble before their God. Help us never to forget your greatness and our inadequacies and let us trust in you to use our simple offerings and cause them to bear fruit.

Update: Graham is studying at the seminary, he is a husband and father of twins!

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