Sunday, May 6, 2012

Thanks for coming Travis!

Well, I am planning on taking our friend Travis back to the airport today after 3 weeks in Africa. He has been a tremendous help to us in many ways. We planted an incredible garden that will give us vegetables for a long time into the future. We cleaned up the compound and got things looking much better. We invented our own tree trimmer which worked like a charm until the very last tree. We had lots of laughs and some great fellowship together. Whether he knows it or not we wanted Travis to know it really meant a lot to us that he would come and help us out. We know what a sacrifice it was to leave his family for such a long time and we feel privileged to be on the receiving end of this sacrifice. All of us will miss Travis (especially the kids) until he comes again.

We also wanted to thank FBC Broken Arrow for their support and for sending seeds and other goodies to us through Travis. We send greetings to Mike Cropper's Sunday School Class and we welcome any of you guys to come and visit as well. Here are a few pictures from Travis' trip:

This is the 'after' shot. sorry i can't find the before. Trust me, the tree looks much better!
Travis trimming the other tree in our front yard. He is using our homemade tree saw.
Making plans for the garden.
Travis, prepping our garden.
Memphis, put his boots on and showed up to work.
After work relaxation
We went to the kraal, this is where they bring their cows every night. It was an impressive sight.
These girls just received the pillow case dresses Travis brought. Even though they do not look it, they were very excited. They had their new dresses on before they even got home.
We took Travis to the game park before he left.
One of the first animals we sighted, a lone lion. He was very close.
Travis is petting the pet water buffalo calf from Nga Moru camp.
I think he was missing his cows, haha
This is Travis taking a rest before we continued our game drive.
These guys were not happy to see us.
Thanks again for coming Travis! It was a blast!

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