Monday, May 14, 2012

Mighty Warriors: Companionship

This series started as I began to pray for the Lord to send us workers. We were blessed with so many incredible fellow missionaries (especially nationals) while on Xtreme team, It was our prayer that the Lord send us more like these men and women. Though there are many others from our previous team that we admire and are very special to us in one way or another, I think we have fully expressed the type of people we pray the Lord sends us. I hope you will all pray for God to send us people like all of these Mighty Warriors. However, we would like to finish on this last family...
Trent & Kay Jones were our best friends and companions for years while we were in Peru. Their companionship helped keep us encouraged and challenged to keep pushing to the edge of our abilities and be our best for the Lord. When Trent and I would get together it was like two friends who had know each other for a very long time. We both came from a rural background and did some of the same things growing up. But most importantly, we shared one thing in common that brought us even closer than family. We both had a deep appreciation for the grace that had been given us and we wanted to live our lives to the fullest for His glory. I trained Trent when he first got to the field, but he challenged me in many ways both personally as well as spiritually and intelectually. He helped me to understand Gods word better and helped me to refine my understanding of many things concerning His kingdom. It was truly a case of iron sharpening iron.
Susan and Kay were experiencing the same things at the same time, birthing and raising children. All the while trying to find ways to get to the villages and be a productive missionary as well as a good mom. I will tell you that they were/are successful at both. I know Susan could not have made it without the encouragement she recieved from Kay. We miss them terribly and the giftings they brought to the team are needed very badly on the echelon team. I am still trying to convince them to join us in Africa when they wrap things up in S America, but in the meantime...Lord, PLEASE send us families who can relate and encourage one another in a way that glorifies you and spurs us all on to good works. Send them quickly!
Update: Trent and Kay are now finishing up the work of the xtreme team. They are taking the vision of the team to new places and equiping the nationals to take this team in the direction the Lord leads them into...then they are coming to join us in Africa (fingers crossed, haha)

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