Monday, June 18, 2012

Update on JB & Joyce

UPDATEWe have maintained a good relationship with JB and Joyce. We have begun some smaller conversations into spiritual things. The sense I get from JB is that he knows about Jesus and Christianity and that he even understands. He lives a moral life. But the defining factor for me is that he is not YET in love with Jesus. The reason for his moral life is because of right and wrong, not because it is an outpouring of his love for Jesus. So continue to pray for JB that we can show him what it means to love Jesus and follow him and pray that he too will follow him with all of his strength and of course then lead his wife down that path as well.

JB is a young man who was exposed to the gospel to some degree when a prior missionary family was here, the Schmidts. He attended Mrs. Schmidt’s sunday school class. It is clear that this time instilled in JB a sense of morality. However we are not sure exactly where he stands with the Lord. We are working on getting to know him better and get an idea for he is spiritually. JB has been married to Joyce for three years. They have no children. JB helps us with translation and language. Joyce helps Maridith in their home with chores.
Robert came to me to tell me that Joyce was asking for a day off. Since she is not able to have children she was wanting to have a ritual performed to give her the capacity to have children. They have the belief that since a younger sister got married before the older sister (Joyce) there is now a curse that will not allow Joyce to have children. The only way this curse can be lifted is if there is a goat sacrificed by the husband of the younger sister who was married first. This is supposed to appease the spirits or ancestors (not sure which yet). Robert and I spoke about what to do.
We were really in no position to tell her she could not have the day off, or to tell her she could not participate in the ritual sacrifice. However, we determined to pray against the ritual so that it does not work. It is our hope that after this ritual does not result in a child we will be able to share with JB and Joyce about how our God is the giver of life. Many stories come to mind that can be told about God providing children to the barren. I was excited to hear from Robert today that he and Maridith had the opportunity tonight to share the story of Abraham and Sarah. Please pray for this couple. Pray that they would come to understand and follow our God with their whole hearts and give him praise for all the good things he brings into our lives.

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  1. We love John Bosco dearly. Please greet him for us. Our prayers are with you in the big KB.