Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Thank you for your gifts!!!!

Our new solar panels
Inverter and Charge controllers

Just last month we have received two large gifts from Southern Baptist Churches to help us do what we do. I wanted to share with you. As most of you know, we live out in the bush, the boonies, the wilderness, AKA Kaabong, Uganda. Since, there is no electricity here you have to look into alternate power sources. Well, we tried hooking Memphis up to a large hamster wheel, but it was costing me too much in groceries. So our supporters among the Southern Baptist Churches approved money to be used for setting us up with a Solar Power Array. This will allow us to stay in contact with our leaders and keep appraised of any emergencies in the rest of the country. But it will also allow us to be able to have a place of Rest here in Kaabong. This will be a refuge for us and other missionaries in the area or passing through. A place where we can recoup and feel normal for a couple of days before we head back out into the bush. 
The other gift was a 2005 Land Cruiser. It is super rugged and made for living, working, driving, and 4-wheeling in the most difficult places on earth. They are practically indestructible. This was given because almost no other vehicle is able to handle the terrain we travel on daily.
The IMB has a commitment to take the gospel to the edges of lostness. These are the more difficult places, places most normal people are not going to and have no plans to go to. Well, there are a couple of reasons there are so few of us out here. 
First, Places like these they stink, the climate can be extreme, you are far from loved ones, there is little communication with your home culture, The languages seem near impossible, it is okay to go there for a few weeks but to think of raising a family in these environments and most normal people begin looking elswehere, saying surely there is some more normal place for us to serve. 
However, some do end up making it out here to the nasty rugged places. And after a few months or years of lonliness and lack of physical/emotional/spiritual support they either transfer or go back home. I want to say that I am proud that our company (IMB) has not only sent us here, but for us they have provided all of the support we need and then some. 
I will be honest with you though, getting the money to do some of these things on the edge is not easy. It took us almost 5 months to get the solar system approved and installed. So, I want to encourage those of you who know us and pray for us and join with us in this ministry, PLEASE give sacrificially to this cause. Help us to get deeper and deeper into the dark and ugly places, enemy territory where people truly NEED to know about the hope we have in Jesus. The Lottie Moon Christmas offering and the Cooperative program are good places to start, but don’t stop there find somewhere you can plug in and be a blessing. 
Thanks again Southern Baptist for the awesome gifts!


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