Monday, June 25, 2012

Encounter with a Mohammedan or Give them Jesus

Recently, I was traveling to Kampala to pick up a friend from the airport. This trip can take anywhere from 12 hours to a couple of days. I do not usually do it along but in this special circumstance I was driving to Kampala by myself. I left very early (before 5) and began on my way. When I reached the first town i made a wrong turn. If you know me you know this is nearly impossible! So, I am convinced it was directed by the spirit (I don’t think it should go on my permanent record). I begin to look around. The sun is just beginning to come up. There are literally only three options as to where to turn in this town how did i mess it up. I stopped and asked a couple of muslim men who were on the way to the mosque. They told me which way to go and ask me where I was headed. I told them and they asked for a ride. Well the place they wanted to go was almost 3 hours away but it was on my way. So I said sure go get your stuff and lets go.
Now i have spent most of the last 12 years sharing Jesus with people who are nominal Catholics or people who practice a tribal religion or training others to do so. This is my comfort zone. Up till this point, I had never shared Jesus with a muslim. I don’t know the rules. I don’t know what I should or shouldn’t say. But you better believe if these guys are in my truck for 3 hours they are gonna get a whole lot of Jesus.
So we talked about our beliefs. He told me what he thought of Christians. I told him that I don’t bother much with organized Christianity, I just follow Jesus. That my whole life is wrapped up in a person not a belief system or religious dogma or structure. We talked about the differences between Mohammad and Jesus. I told him that based on what he told me that Jesus seems greater than Mohammad. We had an awesome friendly discussion while his friend who was in the back seat sat back there giving me dirty looks and staring daggers into my skull. The man in the front showed interest not in Christianity but in Jesus. When I dropped him off, he told me he knew a lot of Christians but he had never heard anyone talk about Jesus like I had. I asked him if I could pray with him. I especially didn’t know if this was a no no but I went for it. He said yes, and I prayed in the name of Jesus that he would be sent dreams and visions and that he would know that Jesus is the only true savior and that he would someday soon follow him too.
It was an awesome experience for me and I really feel like the Lord used it to help me tu understand that even though the people we are working with now practice a tribal religion there is coming a time soon when we will be having many opportunities with Muslims, be ready. I think I learned a valuable lesson. I don’t want to be ignorant but arguing religion will be a dead end street. Our best bet is to GIVE THEM JESUS!

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